The Army recently set Sgt. Clousing’s court martial for Thursday, October 12th. Sgt. Clousing has been charged with desertion, and if convicted faces a maximum of one year in confinement and a bad conduct discharge. At his court martial, Sgt. Clousing will testify about the abuses of power he witnessed while serving in Iraq and may call other witnesses. After returning to military custody, the 82nd Airborne opened an investigation into Sgt. Clousing’s allegations of systemic abuse and the misuse of power by US troops in Iraq. The Army has yet to announce the results of this investigation.

Prior to his court martial, Sgt. Clousing, accompanied by his civilian defense attorney David Miner will hold a press conference at 10am at Quaker House (223 Hillside Ave Fayetteville, NC). Later in the day, local supporters will rally in downtown Fayetteville to show their support for Sgt. Clousing’s stand. Stay tuned for updates about actions you can take to support Sgt. Clousing and more information about his court martial.

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